Our History

Superior quality is the key that keeps people coming back for more! What exactly makes one pizza superior to another you might ask? Or what makes one say, “That is the best pizza I have ever had”!? The answer is as simple as the foundation. It lies within the recipe. You see, the recipe must be so unique that it cannot be duplicated. After 5 whole years of research and tweaking a 60 year old family recipe that originated in Brescia, Italy, Adam Cantoni assembled his signature pizza sauce. This mouth watering sauce is made with a special blend of freshly-picked, vine-ripened tomatoes, seasoned with Italian spices, secret ingredients, and topped with our special blend of 100% Real provolone and low-fat mozzarella cheeses. Each pizza is then finished with our market-fresh toppings. We use only the freshest vegetable cuts in our stores daily! Fresh cut tomatoes, crisp green peppers, pepperoni, and savory chicken are just a few of the many toppings available.

Just over a year after the 1st store was created Adam’s vision grew. He called on his brother Jason to help with the company expansion. Together they have created a partnership dedicated to quality, growth and developing the Cantoni’s brand.

Cantoni's Pizza Sauce

Adam Cantoni oversees workers mixing Cantoni's Pizza Sauce.

Our family name “Cantoni” represents our highest quality products, including a wide variety of specialty pizzas made to our signature taste standards. Fresh, made-to-order calzones, subs, and appetizers complete Cantoni’s menu.  Adam and Jason Cantoni started a tradition of taste that is recognized as one of the best pizzerias on West Virginia University and Ohio State’s campuses.  Founded in 2005, the Cantoni brothers continually focus on their brand of great taste, which defines them against all other pizza products. The Cantoni’s also care about making their product available to as many people as possible, and as a result, they decided to make their pizza more affordable!  It would not be fair to have a superior product that most people could not afford. Cantoni’s Pizza believes in selling more pizzas at a reasonable price than just selling a few high priced pizzas per day. All of our stores are as unique as the people that work there, every store has different food specials.To view our specials, click on the store in your area and check out the menu.

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